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Customer Name: Pravin Gaurav
Place: Munger, Bihar, India
Content: It's great to see the goodness of God through this website.

Customer Name: Saibal Bagchi
Place: Kolkata, India
Content: NDA Jamalpur was my first school. Now at the autumn of my life I look back with gratitude and fondness to those wonderful days. Thank you , Sisters< for making me what I am today.

Customer Name: Manoj
Place: Patna
Content: Dear Sister, I am manoj KDex NDCC. It gives me great pleasure and really makes me feel very proud to be a part of SND. Dearl Sister, my Director, and Provincials I saw this website and started recalling all the memories of NDCC. Love you all. My id is,Thank You Manoj KD , ART and Works,The presentation people, Patna

Customer Name: Jennifer Robbins
Place: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Content: With great sadness I have to inform you, dear Sisters, that Mary Ann (Maurice's sister) lost her husband, Peter, today. Please pray for his dear soul.

Dear Sister Shobana, I was devastated at the time when I heard of the attack on you and I prayed to the Lord to heal you. I am so happy to read that your operation was a success and that you are on the road to recovery. God bless you and keep you always in good health. Get well soon. Love you, always.

Customer Name: Jennifer Robbins (nee Paul)
Place: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Content: Dear Sisters of Notre Dame. Thank you for your beautiful website ... it enables me to travel down memory lane and it revives all the nostalgia and love I have for all the Sisters of Notre Dame. Unforgettable are my days starting from the day of my admission into this prestigious Institution. I owe everything I was and am to the Sisters of Notre Dame who made it possible for my Parents to keep me in school. Thank you for everything you all mean to me and much more. Vive La NDA!!

Customer Name: Joby
Place: Kochi
Content: Dear Sister, I got a chance to watch one of your school programmes and obviously I enjoyed it, especially the music programme. Congrats to Sr Jessy SND, the former headmistress in Rimbik School (Darjeeling Dt.).

Customer Name: Sarita Dubey
Place: NDS, Badarpur
Content: Dear Sister, I am from the 2002-2003 batch. It gives me great pleasure and really makes me feel very proud to be a part of NDS. Thank you so much, dear Sister Ranjeeta & Sr Beena my Principal and sister Karuna, Sister Jessy, Sister Preeti, Sister Leena, Sister Renita for making me a better human being. I would be more than happy if I get a chance to do anything for our society and the deprived ones through your academy. I'll always wish in future for my kids to grow under your supervision. Thank you so much . Love you all. My email id- Please do let me know if i can be of any help. Thank You

Customer Name: Mini
Place: Patna
Content: Dear Sister I have done my schooling from NDA, Patna. I want to get associated with the Sisters of Notre Dame. I will not be able to join as a novice/sister as I am getting married next year and I come from a non-Catholic background. However, instead of paying cash or kind, i want to aid some of your noble causes. Kindly suggest some options and help me fulfill my ardent desire. Mini Verma

Customer Name: Sr.M.Francismarie Seiler
Place: Chardon.OH, USA
Content: Congratulations on your website! How often I recall my 1977 month's visit with you all! Each November I relive that visit. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Customer Name: Sister Mary Shobha S.N.D.
Place: Notre Dame-Didia, Shinyanga
Content: Lovely to go through the website. Congratulations to the makers of the site and all of you who are out there making the site possible. Every time I look at the site, I get connected with all of you even if I am in the far away wilderness of Didia, Shinyanga. My love, prayers and gratitude to all of you at Notre Dame where ever you are! Sister Mary Shobha.

Dear Vijay Kumar,
This is to tell you that Sister Jyoti is now a retired Sister in our Provinicial House in Patna. She stays in the infirmary. She is able to move around, but has some difficulty in walking. She is able to conduct catechism classes with the children every Saturday and Sunday.Although she is now in her 80's, her mind is still quite alert.

She was never the principal, of Notre Dame Academy, but one of the teachers.

With best wishes,
Sr. Joan, SND

Customer Name: Sr. Josetta Marie
Place: Chardon, OH USA
Content: Hi Beena, Hope you get this Message. First of all, let me congratulate you and all your Sister's on your VERY BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE! WOW! WOW! WOW! is all i can say, except to say it was remarkably done.

Customer Name: Sr.Felicia,SND
Place: Vaniyakudy, Tamil Nadu
Content: Indeed I am so happy and overjoyed to go through our website.It really took me back to Patna and each sister with whom I spent my wonderful days.I continue to pray for and wish you many joyful days ahead.

Customer Name: Roshini Poriyath
Place: Arusha,Tanzania
Content: Dear Sr.Joan and Sr.Nira, congratulations to both of you for the excellent work on our web site. Well done and very pleasing to view. God bless your effort. Sr.Roshini

Customer Name: Jose P J
Place: Mysore, India
Content: I am glad to go through your website. It gives lots of information to anyone regarding your origin, activities etc. Wishing you all success in all your endeavours.

Customer Name: Carol Murray Lewis
Place: dubai, u.a.e.
Content: Notre Dame Academy was my second home - whenever I fought with my Mum I stayed back in school - I loved the sisters especially Sisters Aneeta, Sarala, Faith, Crucis, Peter Claver - I could go on and on - I remember the days when i was the only Boarder in NDA and lived in the small room right at the top of the building with Theresiamma. Days and years I will and can never forget

Customer Name: Michael Gaynor
Place: Adelaide, SA, Australia.
Content: Thank you sisters in Jamalpur, Bihar, for your prayers during my illness earlier in the year. I hope the weather (heat) has relented somewhat and the rains will cool the place down. God bless you all.

Customer Name: Praneeti Jaimal-Cyril
Place: Sydney,NSW,Australia
Content: As I see my two children getting ready for school each day, I too am reminded of my school ...'Notre Dame is the school that we like best of all' ... oh how nostalgic I grow recalling the years spent there ... more so because I have grown up listening to my grandmother, Mrs. Anna Patrick Jaimal of Jamalpur-Patna tell stories of how the NDA mission grew in India ... the stories of the pioneer Sisters ... their initial encounter with Hindi language and so many other tales of endurance , compassion , foresightedness. I wish the NDA mission more feathers in the varied caps they don. I will always be a proud Damian as NDA started for me even before I was born and was a part of the school sorority ... it started with my granny being ' right there at the onset ' ... the old order (has) changeth giving place to new ... would love to see more photographs of the Sisters .

Content: I am from the 1975 batch. Great to see Sr. Jyoti, Sr. Vijaya, Sr. Nirmala Sr. Karuna. It is because of them that I am what I am today.Each one of their words rings in my ears when I think of my school when I was there for 12 long years.feeling nostalgic. Whenever in distress, their words help me through. At that time they were sometimes not so palatable. Would love to see more of such photographs.

Customer Name: Sr. Marie Manning, SND
Place: Chardon, OH, USA
Content: We are blessed to have Sr. Mary Ann Gemignani from Patnahere in Chardon to celebrate her "Iron Jubilee" (65 years of profession) with former missionary to India, Sr. Elizabeth Mary Biebelhausen. Our Notre Dame Global Mission Office will be hosting a "Jubilee Tea" on July 16, for Sisters Mary Ann and Elizabeth Mary, a well as for Sr. Mary Valerie Sweeney, former Mission Director, who is celebrating her "Ruby" Jubilee (40 Years), and Sr. Mary Frances Murray, who is celebrating her "Golden" Jubilee (50 years). Our other missionaries have been invited to this tea: Sisters Mary Patricia Gannon, Laurette Kramer, Randal Sup, and Marie Clarice Bates.