Our Ministries

We carry out our mission and witness to Jesus in His service through education, pastoral work, health service, social action, and other ministries.

EDUCATION: We reach out to both the rich and the poor. About 60% of our ministry is for the poor in the rural areas. In all our schools we work as administrators, teachers, and counselors. Some Sisters contribute to the continuation of our charism by writing books for moral science classes from Classes 1 to 12. “Lessons on Good Handwriting” by one of our Sisters is well used in the lower primary classes.

SOCIAL ACTION:  The cry of the poor and oppressed calls us to bring peace and justice to their families and societies. Our literacy programmes, education of the drop-outs, empowerment programmes for men and women, and formation of self-help groups help them to awaken and fight for their rights. Our novices’ village immersion project is also part of the outreach programme of the social action ministry.

PASTORAL WORK:  We try to integrate a pastoral orientation into each of our ministries. As far as possible, we see to the faith formation of our parishioners and Christian students wherever we are. We visit families in our respective areas and pray with them. Some Sisters are engaged in retreat work and counseling.

HEALTH CARE:  Most of our houses in the rural areas have a health centre which serves the medical needs of the poor and marginalized of the area at a nominal registration fee. Our health centres are constantly finding new avenues whereby they can help the marginalised to become economically viable and to maintain basic standards of hygiene and medical care with the use of herbal medicine along with allopathic drugs.

NEW MINISTRIES: Individual schools have collaborated with the Government to educate the poor and illiterate children during after school hours. Two of our Sister-nurses are collaborating with Kurji Holy Family Hospital, Patna, one as Principal of the Nursing College, and the other as head nurse of the operating theatre. A Sister-doctor is the State Co-ordinator of the DOT programme in Chhattisgarh.