New Foundation: Thrikkaipetta, Kerala, India

July 9th , 2014 was a significant day for Assumption Province as Srs. Mary Jyostna and Mamta were missioned to incarnate the love and provident care of God to the people of Thrikkaipetta, Kerala, our newest mission. Trikkaipatta is a small scenic farming village in Wayanad District under Calicut diocese In Kerala.

August 2nd was a very auspicious day for the province as our convent was blessed during a concelebrated Mass by Rev. Bishop Vargheese Chakalackil, Bishop of Calicut and 12 other priests along with many other religious, family members, and the people of the Parish. The blessing itself was an experience of God's provident care and goodness when the sun was shining brightly that morning after many days of continuous rain which tested everyone's faith. The co operation and the hard work extended by the Parish priest, Rev. Fr. Sanal D'Souza, and the people were commendable.

Rev. Bishop in his homily profusely thanked the Sisters of Notre Dame for our presence over there and reminded the people of their responsibility to make the Sisters part of their life.

The newly formed parish, St. George Church, has 90 catholic families and is 1 kms away from the convent. Our convent is surrounded by catholic families. At present the two sisters are engaged in family visits, catechetical work and other parish activities and exploring and surveying the area.

After the blessing everyone shared a sumptuous meal together prepared and served by our parishioners. We pray that our presence in Trikkaipetta, Kerala may enable the people to experience the goodness of our good God.

General Visitation: Our Lady of the Assumption Province
Jan. 11th -Feb. 14th 2014:  Sr. M. Kristin, S.N.D., and  Sr.M. Sreeja, S.N.D.

There was an air of joyful anticipation on January 11th as the Provincial House Community gathered at the convent entrance to welcome Sister M. Kristin, our Superior-General, and Sister M. Sreeja, General Assistant, in the traditional Indian style, with an ‘arati’ (lighted lamp) and garland of flowers.

It was the amazing energy, tremendous love and their deep desire to be with the Sisters of Our Lady of the Assumption Province that made them journey to our vast India, covering urban and rural corners in several States. The numerous trips by road or by air had their inevitable delays, hassles of dealing with overweight luggage, and hours of waiting in traffic jams in extreme climatic conditions. However, our valiant visitors took everything in its stride with a smile. Extremely adaptable, they made themselves at home everywhere, be it in Darjeeling, in the lap of the Himalayas or in Gahiri, a very remote village in Bihar.

Language, customs, traditions, food, and religions all differed, but the spontaneous  warm love that radiated from those they met could not be mistaken. Everywhere they were given affectionate welcomes that transcended all barriers of language.

After the initial orientation, their days were well planned with formal meetings- with the Finance Team, the Formation Team, the Ministry coordinators, and the  Local Superiors gathered at Gumla and at Binnaguri for special workshops.

The Visitation Talk and Area Meetings conducted by Sister Mary Kristin and Sister Mary Sreeja, were held at Patna, Jamalpur, and Binnaguri to enable maximum participation. The special session for the “Wisdom Women” of the Province was highly appreciated by our veteran missionaries.

SND Forward Workshops at Patna  and at Jamalpur inspired and  urged the sisters to awaken and respond to the realities of the present times in prophetic ways. There will be another workshop again at Patna for those who did not attend the previous ones.

Some of the topics dealt with are:

  • Notre Dame Spirituality
  • Call to Discipleship
  • Charism of Religious Life
  • The Spiritually Intelligent Leader
  • Culture Within the Community
  • Life Cycle of Religious Communities
  • New Evangelization -a Journey of Mutual Transformation
  • Re-imaging Religious Life from the Perspective of JPIC

The question “Ten Years From Now, What Will The Assumption Province Look Like?” made us think creatively and want to act boldly in the future.

The tour around the SND World was an unforgettable experience. Truly we felt overwhelmed by the internationality of the Congregation and the knowledge that we are all together in this, with “ONE HEART, ONE HOPE, ONE MISSION” !

Ministry visits, meeting with the Archbishop of Patna, the Bishop of Gumla, and interactions with the staff and students of the urban and rural schools were all part of the Visitation Programme. The Sisters also enjoyed the relaxed, informal sharing at meal times.

Sisters of the Province travelled from Jammu-Kashmir, Assam, Delhi, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and from different parts of Bihar to extend a warm welcome to our distinguished guests, to learn, to share and to be affirmed. They were glad that they made the arduous trips in the bitter cold for they commented, “It was worth coming even for a few hours of Area meeting.”                                                            Sr. Nishkalanka, SND