Are you called? Be one of us.

I hear myself ask: “What do I want to do with my life; in what way do I want to commit myself to God?” When I see the poor being oppressed, do I experience a stirring within me to reach out to help that person? Moses received the call when he saw a fellow Jew being ill-treated by an Egyptian. There is the cry of the poor on the one side, and illiteracy, immorality, and corruption on the other. Am I called to make a difference in society on a human plane as well as a spiritual plane? Do I feel called to a life of dedication and service coming from a deep God-experience?

The Sisters of Notre Dame enable you to serve God, trusting in His provident love and proclaiming His goodness to those in need, especially through education, health care, social concerns, pastoral care, and any type of global and environmental nurturing activities. Many have responded to this call in faith and journeyed with God to enhance society with moral and spiritual consciousness. It is in the depth of one’s being that one senses the call.

Longing to listen to God: Do I experience a gradual awakening on a faith level to find God in the situation of the needy? God continues to challenge us from the situation of discrimination and suffering. Do I long to be with Jesus in response to His call to be with the needy and the most backward and deprived of society? I can find opportunity to serve them in their struggle for freedom and human dignity as a Sister of Notre Dame.

Period of Reflection and Discernment: Stay in touch with my awareness of being drawn by deep faith in Jesus and the desire to join him in His mission. Take time to pray and consult an experienced Sister of Notre Dame or a priest as your spiritual guide to share your inner urges, stirrings and experiences of being called.

Basic Requirements:

  • Are you at least seventeen years of age?
  • Have you completed at least Class 10? (Class 12 is preferable.)
  • Are you in good health?
  • Do you have a good Christian family background?

In addition, do you have any of these life-supporting skills: sewing, cooking, gardening, embroidering, knitting, reading, drawing, singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument?

If so, write to Sister Mary Alka, SND, Vocation Promoter/Mahila Chetna Kendra/ 20C Patliputra Colony/ Patna – 800013/Bihar or or phone 0612-2278579, mobile:09470044282